Kyra's Story

When I first came to the University of North Dakota, I couldn’t really tell you anything about my faith. To be honest, I wasn't actually aware of what Christianity was, or what it was like to be a Christian. I knew there was a God, but that's where my story hit a pause. I remember going to Sunday school on a rare occasionas a child, but I never made it a regularity, and as I grew older and more involved with my athletics, my faith kept slipping farther out of the picture. My older sister was blessed enough to find her faith and become a follower of Christ during her time at college, and I’ve always been curious as to how she did it, or what faith was all about. I was completely oblivious when it came about anything concerning the bible or Christianity.Despite that, it’s crazy how quickly things can take a turn.

Within the first few weeks of my first semester on campus, one of my teammates invited me to a kick-off barbeque for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. At first, I was very skeptical and scared, because I felt like it would be hard to really enjoy myself there because I didn’t really have a relationship with Christ or a true knowledge of Him.

A simple invitation turned out to be a life-changer for me.

I find comfort in regularly attending FCA meetings and church, and I cannot wait to continue my journey to fully becoming a follower of Christ. FCA has completely impacted my knowledge and understanding of Christ. I feel like I’m one step closer each and every day, and I have FCA, its wonderful leaders, my sister, and my inspirational teammates to thank for that.
Kyra; Softball Team

The Impact of FCA at the University of North Dakota

God has been moving in the athletes at the University of North Dakota. Recently we asked the athletes to give us some feedback on the huddle and the impact it is having at UND. Here are a few examples.

--I now understand that what I am able to do and what I have achieved is a gift that I was given and it is my chance to show everyone how God works through me.
Mckenzie; UND Women’s Swim Team
--As an athlete, I personally deal with self-glory and being a part of FCA reminds me that none of my accomplishments are from myself and that sport is a way I can help share the Gospel.
Dayo; Football Team
--FCA has also connected me to members of others teams that I may not have ever met. Meeting like-minded people who love sports, but love competing for something greater than themselves is truly inspiring, and I wish those same feelings upon every athlete.
Nate; Men’s Track and Field
--I am so incredibly thankful for FCA and for the opportunity I have to be a light on campus, with other athletes, and through my sport.
Lyndsay; Softball Team
--FCA here at UND has changed my life and I’m not saying it just because it sounds good. It has truly guided me through tough times that I normally would struggle through, be happier throughout my day and more confident in the person I am.
Quinton; Men’s Basketball Team
--FCA has been a huge support system for me, because of the encouragement and prayer of other athletes and leaders. Proverbs 27:17 has been a huge verse for our huddle, because it shows the significance of having fellowship and growing together.
It's a place where I have people pointing me to Christ and loving me for who He made me to be.
Leah; Women’s Basketball Team